Whipped into a frenzy at the drop of a hat
Terminally duped by a charismatic Democrat
Who throws them crumbs at opportune times
To divert their attention from growing war crimes

He rewards their loyalty by pandering to their fears
Another dead Muslim inspires an eruption of cheers
They’re all indifferent to the cries of the weak
And the demands for justice for those forbidden to speak

They’d much rather applaud suspiciously timed shifts in thought
Than accept all the bad policies greedy corporations have bought
To expand their influence over unsuspecting fools
Who sadly don’t possess many cerebral tools

If only they’d realize his sudden liberalism is belated
A series of desperate campaign tactics to win back the deflated
Abrupt reversals on gay marriage and immigration
Will never erase all the years of Muslim denigration

They’re far too stubborn to admit they’ve been completely hosed
By a charlatan who’s only brave when the door is closed
Pointing to angry, brown faces on his secret list
And ordering their executions even if they don’t resist

He sends his flying death machines to unleash unspeakable terror
All his targets get extinguished; there is no human error
Despite the public perception of doubt he’s never hesitant
All dead, innocent Muslims are filed under “militant”

But all of his naive champions are way too busy celebrating
His modest health care achievements to ever begin contemplating
The full consequences of his government’s willful destruction
To ever acknowledge the con of this never-ending seduction

They’re too drunk on the wine they’ve guzzled from his cup 
To remove their heads from their asses and wake the fuck up
While an entire group of people are under constant attack
His clueless supporters will always have his back

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, July 6, 2012
1:33 a.m.

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