Only The Corrupt Survive

Fast asleep with both eyes open
Rebelling against reality because it’s ingrained
Watching passively at the coming revolution
Too indifferent to fake an expression that’s pained
Invented equivalency when there was no need
Because uncovering truth takes too long
Overpaid for decades of shoddy work
In an honest world they’d never belong

They piss on the process they learned in school
Pretending publicly it doesn’t apply to them
But when you point out their considerable flaws
Ignoring you never slows their momentum
They move up the ranks at lightning speed
The worse they are the faster they climb
They reap the rewards for being dumb
Protecting the government should be a federal crime

Wasting so many hours on the trivial
While innocent people are routinely extinguished
There’s no intelligence to be found
At least their haircuts are distinguished
As they report on bimbos and funny animals
Instead of performing their civic duty
The bodies pile up in the Middle East
Hey, did you hear?  Suri Cruise is a real cutie

So how do you reform a broken system?
How do you turf the useless and the lame?
They don’t care about dissecting policies
Just who’s winning and losing the game
As Wall Street laughs in the face of the law
The heart of the Muslim world is barely alive
These professional stenographers are living proof
Only the corrupt survive

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Saturday, July 14, 2012
11:27 p.m.

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  1. Strong point of view.

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