What I’ve Been Up To Lately

I know what you’re thinking.  Where the hell have I been these last couple of weeks?  Let me explain.

Back in May, I returned to a personal project I’d been dying to finish for years:  cleaning up the family attic.  Because of so many extremely humid days and its absolutely deplorable condition I had to pace myself.  I quickly learned that it just wasn’t possible to work up there on a daily basis.  Too hot (stinging sweat routinely dripped into my eyes) and too gross (hello endless rat turds!).  So I went up there every so often (when I could stand it) while doing other things.

At some point, I came up with the bright idea of bringing some of this long forgotten junk down to my room which was a bit cooler to operate in.  That way, I wouldn’t feel so rushed cataloguing and trashing in a brutal environment.  (The less time I spent in the attic, the better.)  In the end, most of the rest of the boxes of clutter were thankfully dealt with down here rather than up there.

Unfortunately, the always entertaining Summer Olympics slowed me down and I lost a couple of weeks.  The continually humid weather ate up even more precious time.  But when things calmed down, I more than made up for it.  In fact, I’m happy to report that after four months of on-again, off-again working, the attic clean-up is now complete, well, the first phase, anyway. 

Over 700 items have been catalogued while at least 20 bags of trash have been taken away by the city (and several more placed in sidewalk bins on the street).  Truth be told, I probably could’ve gotten rid of even more stuff but that’s where the second phase comes in.  Since most of this crap belongs to my parents, it’s up to them what they want to do about all of this now that we all know what’s still up there.  God knows I won’t miss any of it.

While I was able to find time to write in the midst of this earlier on in the process, it’s been a bit more difficult lately.  It also hasn’t helped that I screened several terrible horror movies not at all worthy of a print review.  (Whatever you do, don’t waste your time with Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth, Shark Night, The Roommate, Hostel and especially the overrated remake of Piranha.  Every one of them is awful.)

Anyway, now that I’m not so distracted, it will hopefully be a lot easier to put together some new items for this website soon.  In the meantime, let me direct your attention to the right side of my home page.  In case you haven’t noticed, some long overdue changes have been made with regards to links.

Originally, I had a blogroll with about ten different sites listed.  Considering the fact that only a few were actually blogs it was a stupid title to use.  Unintentionally false advertising on my part.  Which is why I’ve renamed the list, Worthwhile Websites.  Much better.  Anyway, a few links have been dropped to make way for some newer entries I hope you will check out. 

I’m a big supporter of Glenn Greenwald who recently moved from Salon to The Guardian, the well-regarded British daily.  He continues to do typically stellar work being one of the few professional American writers more than willing to viscerally criticize both Republicans and Democrats when warranted.  I’ve linked to both his Guardian columns (as well as the paper’s homepage) and his archived Salon blog.  Those who wonder why I’m so critical of President Obama need only sample his work.  It’s a big influence on my political poetry.

I’ve also added another link section called Blogger Pals which features both active and inactive sites run by writers I’ve been friendly online with (and either commented on or submitted entries to) over the years.  Considering how much they’ve supported me both publicly and privately since this website’s beginnings, linking to them is the easiest way to say thanks.  And yes, I do at least check the active ones from time to time.  You should, too.

Finally, I’ve decided to include links to all my CD and film reviews on MonkeyBiz.ca.  I’ve been a volunteer contributor for three years and am very proud of all the work I’ve done for them.  It’s a challenge condensing your opinions to just a few hundred words per review.  Your natural impulse is to be as thorough as possible.  (Or longwinded, for that matter.)  So, when you are able to sum up your feelings much more succinctly than usual it’s a personal triumph.  At any rate, you can find all of these critiques linked under MonkeyBiz Reviews (it’s right under the Blogger Pals section).

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately.  By the way, I hope to offer new pieces very soon.  In the meantime, feel free to peruse any of my archived writings.  There’s more than 650 to choose from.  Looking for something in particular?  Don’t forget to use my search engine.  And if you don’t want to miss out on any of my latest works you can become a follower.

Remember, you can always drop me a line at the email address at the top of this page or simply leave a comment on any of the entries.  That’s all for now.  I hope to be back with new stuff very soon.

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, September 21, 2012
3:17 a.m.

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