Questions For President Obama’s Supporters

How can you support such a murderous regime?
Why help extinguish The American Dream?
Do you realize you’re endorsing global terror?
Will you ever admit you’ve made a colossal error?

Why so enamoured with this charismatic speaker?
Is it because he declared war on every conscientious leaker?
Are you happy that we’re destroying innocent Muslims abroad?
Don’t you think it’s time you stopped worshipping him like a god?

What about the promises he failed to keep?
What about the corruption that runs so deep?
Is he really such an inspired choice?
Does he truly represent your liberal voice?

Why do you ignore the screams of the dying?
Do you honestly believe his many critics are lying?
Why fall in line when you’re really not his base?
Why soil your reputation standing next to his smiling face?

Why let him off the hook for various war crimes?
Have you abandoned your principles in these precarious times?
Do you have no sense of decency or self-respect?
How do you stand by a man who’s not at all circumspect?

Why are you fine with all this hate?
Does celebrating murder make you feel great?
Do you believe all this surveillance can save us all
From the crumbling of an empire on the verge of a fall?

Is there a systematic problem he will ever fix?
Is enjoying human suffering how you all get your kicks?
Have you lost all your compassion for those in need?
Where’s your collective condemnation against the onslaught of greed?

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Saturday, September 29, 2012
2:49 a.m.

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  1. Hi Dennis, I’m casting my presidential vote for Jill Stein with the Green Party. A few Americans are awake and aware, not fooled by photo ops and Norman Rockwell type portraits of American presidents. I care too much about this planet and the creatures on it to vote for either Obama or Romney.

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