The Default President

You had your chance to right this wrong
You hit all the high notes in your original song
But in the past one thousand four hundred days
Murder and mayhem became the dominant craze

Your supporters are still so blissfully unaware
That many of your policies bring endless despair
How sad to see them cheer for the status quo
Remember these five words:  you reap what you sow

You lie to their faces with the greatest of ease
They have no idea you’re unwilling to please
Now that you’ve been handed another term
Do they really believe you won’t stand firm?

You’re only staying put because the other guy sucked
The state of the union is still completely fucked
How much longer can you go on pretending
That your heartless hypocrisy is still worth defending?

Unless there is pressure to change your mind
Hopeful progression will be left far behind
Innocent people will continue to die
But your oblivious fans will never ask why

They don’t care about the sword you wield
Or the fraud that hides behind your charismatic shield
They blame the opposition for all the country’s troubles
What will it take to burst their stubborn bubbles?

It’s fatiguing to point out your considerable flaws
And your growing indifference to international laws
It’s maddening to witness the lack of respect
For a decent people you continue to reject

It’s true you survived another grueling campaign
And I’m sure you celebrated with a glass of champagne
But as you secretly prepare for the next assault
Don’t get too cocky.  You’re only President by default

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, November 7, 2012
4:19 p.m.

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  1. […] four years.  The day of the election I revealed my own personal preference and the day after, my disgust with his victory.  As I’ve noted before, unless American Liberals get off their asses and significantly push […]

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