Winners & Losers Of 2012 (Part Three)

Winner:  Adele

Last year, this 24-year-old British pop sensation released her massive, critically respected second album, 21.  It ended up on numerous Top 10 lists and received numerous awards.  In 2012, the accolades kept on coming:

Six Grammys including Album Of The Year, twelve Billboard Awards, two Brit Awards, two Ivor Novello gongs, a Juno and countless others, not to mention a whole bunch of additional nominations.  Speaking of the latter, a live version of Set Fire To The Rain is up for the Best Pop Solo Performance Grammy next year (she won for Someone Like You in this category this year) plus she’s up for a couple of People’s Choice Awards in 2013, as well.

That’s not all.  21 was certified Diamond in America, meaning it has now sold 10 million copies in that country alone, an unheard of figure in this post-Napster era.  15 million more have been purchased globally including a million in Canada and four & a half million in her native UK.  (Click here to read even more of her 2012 milestones that are too numerous to mention.)

Her latest single, Skyfall, the official theme for the latest James Bond film of the same name, debuted in the Billboard Top 10 in America.  It has thus far sold more than two million copies worldwide and received mostly positive reviews.  Is it the frontrunner for the Best Original Song Oscar early next year?

After years of personal heartbreak (which, ironically, greatly advanced her career), Adele met a new beau in the summer of 2011.  In October 2012, she gave birth to her first child, a son.  Six months earlier, her music actually helped bring a young girl out of her coma.  The song that gave doctors and the kid’s family renewed hope after expecting the worse?  Rolling In The Deep.

With plans to take her time (at least two years) to make her much anticipated third record, barring some unforeseen circumstances, her next collection of tunes will likely sound like her new life:  considerably happier.

Loser:  Bubba The Love Sponge

Imagine this happening to you.  You’re in a sexless, unhappy marriage.  There’s no way to get it back on track.  So, in a moment of weakness, you turn to your friend who thinks he has a solution for you:  a free pass with his own wife.  Good idea, right?  And the best part:  no one will ever know.  That is, unless it’s videotaped.  And leaked to the media.

In 2006, when Bubba The Love Sponge, the bloated Midwestern Howard Stern wannabe with a remarkable knack for being an unfunny, mean-spirited idiot, offered his then second-wife Heather to his depressed pal, Hulk Hogan, the former six-time WWE Champion didn’t say no.

Six years later, he probably wished he did.

This past March, TMZ reported the existence of a taped sexual encounter between Hogan and Heather Clem when the current TNA star was still married to his first wife Linda.  A month later, black and white stills of the video surfaced on TheDirty.comThe Immortal One proclaimed that not only did he not know he was being recorded (which Bubba and an anonymous RadarOnline source disputed; who knows who’s lying here), he didn’t even know who he was banging in the video.  (Much later on Howard Stern’s radio show, Hogan ultimately admitted that it was indeed Heather he was fooling around with (RadarOnline first made note of that revelation) and that, yes, Bubba offered her to him.  Reportedly, it was a fantasy of hers to get it on with The Hulkster.)

By the fall, Gawker posted a 101-second subtitled snippet of the 30-minute video (and a basic written summary) which angered the former leader of the NWO so much he filed a fruitless lawsuit to have the footage removed.  (He wasn’t able to get the stills off, either.)  Radar Online reported that the video was leaked by an unknown disgruntled employee.  Later it was revealed by TMZ that Heather had similiar extramarital encounters (all ok’d by Bubba) with other as-yet-to-be-identified partners that were also captured on tape.  As of this writing, those videos haven’t surfaced, one of the few good things about this embarrassing story.

When Hogan sued his friend over the video repeating his claim that he had no idea he was being recorded, Bubba went on the warpath.  He hammered him mercilessly on both his own radio program and Stern’s SiriusXM show.  It didn’t help matters when TMZ reported a curious exchange of dialogue between Heather and Bubba on the sex tape after Hogan left her bedroom which wasn’t posted on Gawker.  According to the site, Bubba said, “If we ever did want to retire, all we’d have to do is use this footage.”

Heather reportedly replied to her then-husband, “You’d never do that.”.  Bubba’s response:  “I wouldn’t do that, you’d be the biggest rat, you’d be dead.”  Who knows if he was initially joking or not at the time.  Regardless, the footage (which, if this is to be believed, may have, in at least one instance, been acquired at a Bubba Army garage sale) was freely offered to both Gawker and TMZ, without the need for financial compensation, by unidentified third parties (for the record, neither Bubba, Hogan nor Heather had anything to do with its public release).  Interesting considering how TMZ had reported that the possibility of the video being sold for public consumption was very real.

In the end, Hogan settled his $100 million lawsuit with Bubba, who had to read a written apology on his radio show, and their friendship, for now, is over.  The moral of this story:  friends don’t let friends fuck their wives on tape and then show their underlings what happened.  The footage could be used against them later on by any one of those same underlings.

Meanwhile, the dopey Bubba found himself humiliated all over again when he somehow got shoehorned into the very silly General Petraeus story.  Earlier in the year, Bubba wanted to fry a copy of The Koran, the Muslim Bible, on his show.  In the midst of the political sex scandal involving the now former head of the CIA, a series of email exchanges from that time between a politician and a socialite came to light.

Claiming to have been contacted by two high-ranking military officials, Jill Kelly was worried that Bubba’s ill-advised stunt would cause irreparable harm so she messaged Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn warning him about it and hoping he would intervene.  Although the awful Koran burning thankfully never happened thanks to the actual intervention of Florida law enforcement and Bubba’s own attorney (even though the stunt would’ve not broken any laws had it taken place as scheduled), Buckhorn spoke for many when he expressed how he felt about the DJ behind the proposed “bit”:

“This Bubba the Love Sponge is a complete moron.”


Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, December 9, 2012
11:03 p.m.

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