Hunting For Trouble

Peek beneath the surface
Take a closer look
What do you see?
Not the cover of this book
Is it what you expected
Or are you shocked and dismayed
By all these hidden attributes
Do you think you’ve been played?

Peer behind the curtain
Enjoy the forbidden view
Feel guilty for discovering
The opposite of you?
Did you miss all of the signs
Or are you really that dense?
It’s hardly a surprise
Your ego is immense

Go beyond the wall
Go deeper than a glance
The risk of being exposed
Is worth taking a chance
You might learn something
Outside your hollow bubble
Isn’t it always better
To go hunting for trouble?

Climb over the fence
Don’t be afraid to stare
Stop living in denial
It’s best to be aware
You think having it all
Is not nearly enough
But what’s the point in owning
So much useless stuff?

Sneak into the fortress
Take the time to observe
Passion and eccentricity
Plus a whole lot of nerve
Qualities you lack
And will never acquire
You have to be interesting
To ignite this desire

Watch outside the window
Discover for yourself
Your painful limitations
In spite of your wealth
It could’ve been different
There was so much to explore
You turned your back on joy
And became an unbearable snore

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, December 12, 2012
1:31 a.m.

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