Unsolved Mysteries Of The Fifth Season Of Seinfeld

1. In The Lip Reader, how did Laura the U.S. Open lineswoman get to Todd’s party when 1. Jerry had told her on their first date that he would be picking her up through Elaine’s employer’s car service which ultimately never happened and 2. she apparently doesn’t drive?

2. How much did Kramer invest (and subsequently lose) in that fraudulent yogurt joint in The Non-Fat Yogurt?

3. Did Kramer & Jerry ever pay George back for buying them 30 dollars worth of fruit at Joe’s Market in The Mango?

4. What episode of the original Twilight Zone are George and his father Frank watching that Ricky, Elaine’s subway train admirer, proclaims “is a good one”?

5. Did Jerry end up eating some mango and subsequently succeed in giving Elaine an orgasm?

6. How can George spot a dime from across the room in Jerry’s apartment but can’t tell an apple from an onion, mailboxes from raccoons nor a horse from a horse-faced man in The Glasses?

7. Why didn’t the Indian doctor in the ER give Elaine that much-needed rabies shot the first time she visited after being bitten by that little rottweiler in The Glasses?

8. Why didn’t George ask Dwayne the optometrist to do something about the blind guy’s glasses since they were pinching his nose so much?

9. What happened to Frank’s silver dollar coin collection?

10. How much did George get paid to hand model that watch in The Puffy Shirt?

11. How is Elaine able to get back on the subway train with a gyro in plenty of time before it takes off again but Jerry and Kramer both get their arms caught in the door which they can’t open resulting in fellow passengers stealing their food?

12. Why does George’s girlfriend Karen only take four puffs off of her Marlboro cigarette after eating the risotto before putting it out?

13. How did Pachyderm get his nickname?

14. Why does Kramer’s electronic organizer keep beeping?

15. What happened to the rest of the Penthouse Forum story Kramer was reading to George in The Dinner Party?

16. What happened to the Elaine mannequin after it was stolen?

17. What’s Yuri Testikov’s manuscript called and what’s it about?  Did it ever get published?

18. What happened to Olive, the cute long-nailed cashier at Monk’s who Kramer dumped after he lost his itch?

19. In The Stall, how is Elaine able to remove all those rolls of toilet paper undetected from the other stall in Monk’s before Jerry’s phone sex operator girlfriend Jane (“I can’t spare a square”) gets in the room when she only has seconds to act?

20. What’s Rimsky about?

21. What is Jerry looking at on the computer in The Stall?

22. How much was the tip Jerry gave the two old ladies to leave for their waitress at Monk’s as a thank you for answering his queries in The Pie?

23. What missed caller was Elaine referring to when, while reading Jake Jarmel’s message from said caller, she noted sarcastically, “Oh yeah.  I’ll call you back.”?

24. What does McKenzie do?

25. What did that portly, bespectacled chef, who was pissed at George for hiding that whoosing suit so he couldn’t buy it during that unadvertised sale, do to sabotage that chocolate creme pie during Costanza’s second interview with McKenzie and associates?

26. What’s wrong with Fulton and did Jerry kill him with his jokes?

27. How did Laura the lineswoman follow Jerry and George’s conversation at the restaurant when 1. it was next to impossible to read their lips and 2. she was looking elsewhere for the most part?

28. Why did Kramer lie about the origin of the coffee table book about coffee tables idea on Regis & Kathie Lee?

29. What was Kramer’s 10 o’clock in The Raincoats?

30. How does Kramer understand what his low-talking designer girlfriend is saying when Jerry and Elaine can’t comprehend anything she says?

31. What happened to George’s girlfriend Victoria and her uncle who works for the Yankees?  How come we never see them again?

(Special thanks to Rob Kerr.)

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, January 15, 2013
5:09 p.m.

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