Hot Girl Bubble

You missed a big lesson way back in your youth
Absence of faith is the beginning of truth
For years you’ve believed in dishonourable men
So don’t be surprised when you’re betrayed again

Tyranny grows in the heart of your denial
Perpetuated by warmongers on both sides of the aisle
But will you ever acknowledge all this destruction and death?
I’ll put it to you bluntly:  I’m not holding my breath

You weep and you gush and you slobber and drool
Over empty-calorie pronouncements like a starstruck fool
Hero worship is dangerous and painfully dumb
Your gullible antics are making me numb

Please stop pretending he’s your devoted lover
When he spends every day running for cover
Resist the temptation to follow his lead
More hatred of the innocent is not what we need

Reject the sugar in his candy-coated lies
Don’t be taken in by his clever disguise
Note the disconnect and complete lack of shame
His words and his actions are clearly not the same

There once was a time when you had my respect
But lately I’ve been thinking it’s time to defect
You sing nothing but hosannas believing he’s a cherub
Want a differing opinion?  Go ask an Arab

You claim to have compassion for the broken and the weak
And to provide a strong voice for those who cannot speak
But like a certain disgraced athlete you once stupidly defended
Your whole concept of honesty has been completely upended

It must feel so cozy in your hot girl bubble
Being blinded by charisma while ignoring all the trouble
Mingling with the ding dongs who live to kiss your ass
Deluded and naive, you could teach a master class

You?  A “brainy broad”?  That is patently absurd
Don’t you have to be smart to be a nerd?
When you’re stripped down to your essential core
You’re a beautiful enabler and nothing more

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
3:29 a.m.

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