Unsolved Mysteries Of The Sixth Season Of Seinfeld

1. In The Big Salad, who was calling Jerry to let him know that Kramer was on TV driving his golfing buddy (baseball catcher turned murder suspect Steve Gendason) in a White Bronco in a slow speed chase with the NYPD?

2. Who was the real voice of Dan, the high talker, in The Pledge Drive?

3. Why is Jerry’s phone number different in season six than it is in season three?

4. Where did Karen, Miss Rhode Island, place in the Miss America pagent?

5. Where did Kramer get that videotape featuring Jerry’s Romanian gymnast girlfriend performing at the 1984 Summer Olympics?

6. In The Gymnast, what causes Kramer’s kidney stone?

7. What happened to Kramer’s golfing buddy Steve Gendason and did he ever get charged with killing Pinkus the dry cleaner?

8. How is it possible that the night George wants to rent Breakfast At Tiffany’s, a movie that was then more than 40 years old, the five video stores he visits don’t have a single copy available for rent?

9. What are Katya, Jerry’s gymnast girlfriend, and Misha, the high-wire acrobat, saying to each other in Romanian?

10. In The Chinese Woman, how did Donna Chang and George’s parents’ phone lines get crossed and when did they get uncrossed?

11. In The Mom & Pop Store, why does Kramer’s nose keep bleeding?

12. In The Soup, what does Simon, Elaine’s freeloading British boyfriend, mutter under his breath after she says she loves airline food?

13. In that same episode, why were Elaine and her boss, Mr. Pitt, in England for 5 days?

14. Why is Kramer holding his right elbow when Jon Voight bit him in the wrist?

15. When Babs Kramer says she’s been clean for two years, to what is she referring to?

16. Why is Jerry asking for women’s moisturizer in The Secretary?

17. What happened to Eva, George’s super efficient, red-headed secretary?

18. How many customers are on Hop Sing’s “no delivery” list?

19. How does Jerry keep getting away with these false starts during his foot races?

20. Why are Kramer and Mickey still wearing their Santa Claus and elf costumes, respectively, in The Race when they’ve just been fired?

21. Why did Whatley invite his mailman Newman to The Super Bowl when he didn’t invite him to his pre-Thanksgiving party?

22. How and why did Denise, George’s bald girlfriend, lose all her hair?

23. What’s the plot of Jake Jarmel’s book, What’s With The Pepper?

24. Which Melrose Place actor had to do a polygraph in the New York Police Department?

25. Instead of dumping water on Miss Rhode Island’s magical birds, why didn’t Jerry just close the glass door to the balcony?

26. What did Wendy the big-haired physical therapist change her hairstyle to that turned Kramer off of dating her any longer?

27. What was in the Fed Ex package that Jerry signed for and who was supposed to get it in The Doorman?

28. Who stole the couch from the lobby of Mr. Pitt’s building?

29. Why was Mr. Pitt in Scotland?

30. Did Elaine ever buy that elusive, perfect pair of white socks for Mr. Pitt?

31. Why does Jimmy constantly refer to himself in the third person and has he always talked like that?

32. Who was really stealing all that Yankee equipment in The Jimmy?

33. What happened to that manuscript Viking Press sent to Elaine that Kramer was reading in Jerry’s fumigated apartment?

34. In The Pledge Drive, George follows a driver to a gas station because he thought he was giving him the finger.  How did that driver’s hand get hurt in the first place and how long has it been in that cast?

35. Why didn’t Elaine offer Jerry’s parents her own apartment which would still allow her to stay in the Plaza?

36. What the hell is Jerry’s sex move that David Puddy uses on Elaine and what exactly is “the pinch”, “the knuckle” and “the swirl” (clockwise and counter clockwise)?  How come when Puddy does it Elaine orgasms but when Jerry performed it Elaine faked it?

37. How did Kramer end up with Dr. Cooperman’s “ASSMAN” vanity plates?

38. What caused Estelle and Frank Costanza to temporarily split?

39. How did the elderly couple in the shoe repair shop not notice those dangling electrical wires for 48 years?

40. Why was Hildy, Kramer’s overly demanding waitress girlfriend, so dependent on him for food?

41. Why is Newman’s apartment number in The Doodle 5F when it’s usually 5E?

42. What is Mr. Morgan’s first name?

43. Who voiced the last line of the banker who was talking to Jerry’s Nana on the phone in The Pledge Drive?

(Special thanks to Rob Kerr.)

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, February 27, 2013
2:05 a.m.

UPDATE:  I caught a rerun of the season three episode, The Nose Job, recently and forgot about the revelation that Kramer’s mom, Babs, used to have a drinking problem.  This likely solves the mystery of number 15.

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, October 29, 2013
6:30 p.m.

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  2. 9. What Misha first says is unintelligible. Romanian is not an easy language and if you can;t speak it clearly enough it becomes impossible to understand. You can see he is not an actual Romanian. She then says “Always. Jerry. I think Jerry…” Then Misha says: “It’s true”. So even the intelligible parts make no sense. It;s just chatter. She talks better cause she;s actually Romanian. I’m one myself so that’s what I know what they’re saying. I know it’s an old post, but I tried. 🙂 And by the way, Kramer has that cassette cause he probably taped all of them. He talks a little about gymnastics in general so that’s a clue he is a fan.

    PS. Katya and Misha aren;t Romanian names. People keep confusing us with Russians. No one in Romania is named like that. They should have done more research. I don;t understand why they didn;t just ask the Romanian actress that played Katya.

  3. 33. When Kramer comes out of the apartment he says to Jerry that he had left a Mackinaw peach in the refrigerator. It is safe to say that Kramer left the manuscript in ther refrigerator with the peach by mistake and forgot about it (that would be typical of Kramer).

  4. Didn’t Estelle and Frank Costanza split because Estelle caught Frank sleeping with Elaine?

  5. […] who enjoyed the conclusion of No Invitation For Peace.  The best-named commenter:  hands down, Bobby Butthole.  You didn’t see the worst comment I received because I refused to allow its publication.  […]

  6. 11. The nose bleeding is just one of many references to the film Midnight Cowboy.

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