The Land Of Antipathy

“Anger is an energy”
But not when it blinds you to reality
You probably think you always get it right
And that critics of your work are just acting out of spite
How quickly you forget that all it takes
Is some digging on their part to uncover your mistakes
Surely you understand that it doesn’t take long
To read the details of the case you got completely wrong

“Anger is an energy”
But not when it shields you from reality
True, they’re not likely the most honourable guys
Yet they’re still owed amends for your disgusting lies
Like many back then you were too quick to judge
But unlike your colleagues you still hold a grudge
Some time ago your instincts veered off course
Not once have you ever shed a tear of remorse

“Anger is an energy”
But not when you’re in denial of reality
You’re so hostile to those on the other side
No wonder their venom compels you to hide
It’s not terribly wise to act like a jerk
Inflaming your foes who then go berserk
Even a joke like you doesn’t deserve their abuse
Flinging it right back is a pitiful excuse

“Anger is an energy”
But not when it distorts your reality
Calling them “wingnuts” doesn’t help your cause
Your reckless insults reveal some deep character flaws
Do you ever think about changing your tone?
Or is your tiny heart really made of stone?
Isn’t it preferable to court them in sympathy
Instead of launching attacks from the land of antipathy?

“Anger is an energy”
But you don’t always use it properly
Equality still matters in this modern age
But we can’t achieve it with your unchecked rage
Facts and figures are the foundation of truth
But your passion murders reason at this stage of your youth
Accept responsibility for losing your way
Because your uncorrected errors will live forever and a day

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, March 12, 2013
2:11 a.m.

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  1. […] The Land Of Antipathy is about Amanda Marcotte and her miserably awful coverage of the bungled Duke Lacrosse rape case from several years ago (as well as her tribal hostility towards conservatives and others she doesn’t agree with).  Prejudging the defendants before the case was even tried, once the case collapsed she lashed out at her critics saying they were pro-rape.  I’m not kidding. […]

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