WrestleMania 29 Predictions (Part Two)

Sheamus, Randy Orton & The Big Show vs. The Shield

Ever since Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins made their surprise debut at The Survivor Series last year they’ve been unbeatable in the ring.  After two major pay-per-view victories at TLC 2012 and the recent Elmination Chamber, they’re looking for their highest profile win to date at WrestleMania 29.

At TLC, they knocked off Hell No and Ryback and at the Chamber, they beat Ryback, Sheamus and John Cena, the latter of which a highly unexpected win.  Now they face Sheamus, Randy Orton and The Big Show in yet another six-man tag team match on Sunday.  The story this time involves the babyface team.  Can they get along?  Last year, when Sheamus was the World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show beat him for it at Hell In A Cell and won all their rematches.  Orton and The Celtic Warrior feuded over the WWE title back in 2010 with the third generation wrestler prevailing and briefly last year over the WHC with Sheamus staying on top.  And Show and The Viper have had their battles over the years, as well.

At the start of this, Sheamus and Orton were the good guys and Show was still riding high on his heel turn from last year.  Sheamus wasn’t sure if the big man could be trusted based on their recently concluded feud.  Orton has reassured him that his fears are misplaced.  And even though there have been major ego clashes between the three, lately the team appears to be uniform. 

But don’t believe it.  There has been considerable talk for quite some time of a Randy Orton heel turn and what better way to make that happen than during this match.  The Shield should keep their unbeaten streak alive for as long as possible.  The company really needs to make new stars out of its developmental talent and Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins have been very sharp, particularly in their unique promos, the last several months.  Whether a newly villainous Orton joins them and takes over really doesn’t matter at this point.  As long as one of the good guys screws over his teammates, The Shield will benefit.  I’m counting on it to happen.

Prediction:  The Shield by pinfall with an assist from Randy Orton.

No Holds Barred match:  Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H (if The Game loses, his association with WWE is over)

Almost a year ago, after losing to John Cena at Extreme Rules, Paul Heyman’s client became deeply unhappy with the COO of WWE when he removed all the extra perks he successfully “negotiated” with then-Raw General Manager John Laryingitis.  When it was all over, the beast broke The Game’s arm setting up a future match at the 25th SummerSlam.

A week before they battled in the main event of that show, Lesnar attacked H’s best friend Shawn Michaels and broke his arm, too.  Michaels was scheduled to be in H’s corner but The Next Big Thing put a complete stop to that.

After Lesnar broke The Game’s arm a second time during their entertaining SummerSlam match (which the former UFC champ won), he quit the company.  As for H, he unfortunately gave a meandering promo eight days later on Raw which left everybody more confused than enlightened about his future in-ring career.  He was pathetically non-committal.  Then, he disappeared and got a long overdue haircut.

Earlier this year, when Vince McMahon was on the verge of firing Paul Heyman on Raw for conspiring with The Shield over their involvement with his other client, the then-WWE Champion CM Punk, Lesnar saved the day by delivering a blistering F5 to the WWE Chairman.  (In real life, McMahon had been needing hip surgery for quite some time, hence this nifty way of temporarily writing him off TV.)

After McMahon recovered, he challenged Heyman to a fight.  When the chairman had the upper hand, out came Lesnar again.  And so, too, did his real-life son-in-law, Triple H, which led, ultimately, into a fantastic brawl.  (It started off rather clumsily, though.)  Because he didn’t protect himself, Lesnar took two pretty nasty ring post shots and bled throughout much of the segment.  (Because of WWE’s current anti-blood policy, they only show this footage in black and white now which has unintentionally made it even more gripping.)

After Lesnar attacked H’s old DX buddies, The New Age Outlaws, on another episode of Raw the beast was ready to accept The Game’s challenge to a rematch at WrestleMania.  But not until he agreed to let him and Heyman pick the stipulations.  Wanting this fight so badly the COO was, pun intended, game.  Their WrestleMania encounter will essentially be anything goes (like the earlier one) with the added twist that if Triple H loses, not only will he not be allowed to wrestle again he won’t be able to work behind the scenes at WWE, either.

From the start this has been a very entertaining longterm angle and probably one of the most anticipated matches at this year’s WrestleMania.  The physical interactions, the verbal sparring, the overall storytelling, it’s all been very strong.  (Paul Heyman has been the real star throughout with his fantastically slimy and amusing mic work.)  But does anyone think Paul Levesque wants to end his long career with a big loss at a major show like his buddy Shawn Michaels three years ago?  No way.  The circumstances aren’t right for that.  Besides, H still has some fight left in him and I suspect he’ll work at least a couple more angles like this in the future.

With Michaels officially in his corner during the rematch (and possibly his wife, Stephanie McMahon, as well), barring yet another unforeseen circumstance, expect this to go between 20 and 30 minutes and The King Of Kings to end up on top.

Prediction:  Triple H by pinfall.

Tons Of Funk & The Funkadactyls vs. Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins

I don’t know about you but watching Tensai dance around with Brodus Clay this last little while has been endlessly amusing.  Hard to believe the returning Matt Bloom was originally booked as a vicious Japanese-inspired bully last year.  At any event, they’re stuck in a pointless program with another team I love, Cody Rhodes & the re-packaged Damien Sandow (several years ago he was Idol Stevens), who were supposed to go their separate ways but thankfully, changed their minds.

Also involved are two female tag teams.  The Bella Twins made an unexpected return to WWE a few weeks ago but haven’t had much to do other than fawn all over Team Rhodes Scholars.  Meanwhile, Clay & “Sweet T’s” cheerleaders are the wonderfully athletic Funkadactyls, Cameron and Naomi.  Thanks to a recent Raw match between the four women there might actually be some good stuff coming for what will likely be a quick match at WrestleMania.  Cameron and Naomi remind me a lot of The Jumping Bomb Angels with their effortless exhuberance and high flying acrobatics.

There really isn’t much of a story between these eight but maybe a funny Rhodes Scholars promo here, more hilarious dancing by the Tons Of Funk there and some Funkadactyl excitement can help elevate a less-than-stellar booking on paper.  Regardless, because the two heel teams won the last two TV matches, expect the babyfaces to go over clean.

Prediction:  Tons Of Funk & The Funkadactyls by pinfall.

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, April 2, 2013
9:56 p.m.

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