Unsolved Mysteries Of The Eighth Season Of Seinfeld

1. Who painted Susan’s portrait?

2. Who is Wyck Thayer and how did he get on Susan’s foundation?

3. What happened to “The Forbidden City”, the secret late night model hangout that George briefly checked out?

4. What does Elaine’s ex, Kevin, and his next door neighbour, Feldman, do for a living?

5. In The Bizarro Jerry, why didn’t George turn off his blow dryer before taking that phone call from his about-to-be ex?

6. What are the plots of Death Blow and Cry, Cry Again?

7. How did Anna, Elaine’s secretary, get George’s phone number?

8. How and why did Kramer get hit in the head in 1979?

9. Where was Estelle Costanza when her husband, Frank, got the call about George’s arrest?

10. How did Brody the bootlegger manage to get into Jerry’s apartment on two separate occasions when neither the funnyman nor Kramer buzzed him in?

11. In The Little Kicks, who threw the paper airplane at Elaine during that work meeting?

12. In The Package, how much was Jerry’s fine for mail fraud?

13. What periodical was Frank Costanza reading when he was notified over the phone about George’s arrest?

14. What’s the deal with Elaine’s rash and how did it eventually clear up?

15. What do two of Elaine’s doctors write in her chart?

16. Who paged Brody the bootlegger?

17. How can Death Blow be both a person as well as an action?

18. How is it possible that Jerry, Kramer and Brody never get caught illegally videotaping theatrical features but George does get busted?

19. Why would anyone buy a bootleg not filmed by Jerry?

20. Who was Brody going to beat up with Kramer’s bat and did he ever get it back?

21. In The Fatigues, what does Bania’s mentor girlfriend actually do?

22. What was Kramer’s job during his short unpaid tenure at Brandt Leland Investments?

23. How was he even able to get that gig in the first place without an interview?

24. How did Mr. Wilhelm, George’s Yankee superior, escape the clutches of the Sunshine Carpet Cleaners cult?

25. Who really invented the umbrella twirl?

26. Did Kramer’s friends, the three Japanese tourists, ever make it back home?

27. Why was George rejected by the Sunshine Carpet Cleaners?

28. In The Checks, why does The Eagles’ song, Desperado, put Elaine’s boyfriend, Brett, in a hypnotic trance every time he hears it?

29. At the end of that same episode, why does the doctor treating Brett enter the exact same state of mind while listening to The Eagles’ Witchy Woman?

30. Did Brett fully recover from his mild concussion?

31. In The Little Jerry, did Big Jerry cash that $50 cheque his parents send him?

32. Where did George leave his retainer in second grade?

33. In The Abstinence, why did Carlito pass out at Monk’s and did he fully recover?

34. Why does it say “Yount” on Eddie Sherman’s army uniform?

35. How did that family end up in that big brown paper bag in Sack Lunch and did they ever get out of it?

36. In The Susie, what was so funny to Elaine and Jerry about that bumper sticker and what did it say?

37. In The Comeback, how did Reilly’s wife end up in a coma?

38. In that same episode, what are Vincent’s hours at the video store?

39. Why didn’t Elaine just correct Peggy the first time about mistaking her for the imaginary Susie?

40. In The Package, who stopped the elevator from going down as Elaine was trying to escape with her chart?

41. What jokes did Jerry write for the Tony Awards?

42. Why can’t Elaine’s aggravated co-worker at the catalogue and Raquel Welch swing their arms when they walk?

43. What happened to George’s sable Russian hat?

44. How is Mr. Marbles able to move on his own when he’s just a ventriloquist dummy?

45. How did Mrs. Albright end up in a coma in The Other Side Of Darkness?

46. What was the zinger George thought of after his second encounter with Reilly?

47. What sort of “internal problems” killed George’s Aunt Baby at age seven and his Uncle Moe as a young man?

48. In The Andrea Dorea, what friend of Elaine’s fixed her up with bad breaker upper Alan?

49. In The Comeback, why are there puddles in that indoor tennis court?

50. In The Pothole, where and who is the real janitor Elaine is only pretending to be to receive her Chinese food deliveries?

51. Why is it so difficult to get rid of muffin stumps?

52. In The Nap, how did Elaine’s boyfriend Hal hurt his back 15 years ago?

53. In The English Patient, did George’s rival Neil fully recover from all his burns?

54. How could there be a funeral for Susie when she never existed?

55. In The Van Buren Boys, what exactly is wrong with Jerry’s girlfriend, Ellen?

56. In The Pothole, what’s with the lax security in that building where Elaine pretends to be a janitor?

57. Did George Steinbrenner ever figure out he was singing Pat Benatar’s Heartbreaker?

58. In The Yada Yada, how did George know Jerry was in the confessional?

59. In The Millennium, what is Mrs. Hamilton’s first name?

60. Why are Kramer and Newman planning their millennium parties three years in advance?

61. In The Comeback, why did Reilly leave the Yankees to work for Firestone in Akron, Ohio?  Furthermore, what did he do for both organizations?

62. In The Andrea Dorea, where did Elaine’s boyfriend Alan get stabbed by his ex?

63. How could Frank and Estelle Costanza have two beds for 30 years when during the fifth season episode, The Cigar Store Indian, they only have one?

64. How did Mrs. Hamilton not notice the dissolving dessicant in the Puto De Mayo dip?

65. Did she fully recover from being poisoned by it?

66. In The Fatigues, why didn’t Jerry’s girlfriend Abby stop and make sure she picked up the right file folder before taking off from his apartment?

67. Why did George not realize he had the wrong folder until the moment he did his presentation?

68. In The Summer Of George, what did J. Peterman eat that Elaine didn’t tell him about that became an anecdote for her co-workers at the catalogue?

69. When Kramer says he’s never heard of anyone coming out of a coma, how could he forget witnessing a neighbour doing that exact thing in the season three episode, The Suicide? 

(Special thanks to Rob Kerr.)

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, April 14, 2013
12:30 a.m.

UPDATE:  Surprised I didn’t think of this one immediately:

70. How much money did the Yankees give George in his three month severance package?

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, April 19, 2013
1:57 p.m.

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