Unsolved Mysteries Of The Ninth And Final Season Of Seinfeld

1. Why did Jerry get thrown off of Kenny Rogers’ tour bus?

2. What are George’s deepest fears and everything he’s capable of?

3. Why didn’t Frank Costanza read Lloyd Braun’s resume before hiring him to sell computers out of his garage?

4. Did Lloyd actually kill a family and then stuff the bodies in his freezer as George asserts in The Serenity Now?

5. How much money did George spend on all those unsold computers?

6. Why wasn’t Lloyd’s phone hooked up and why did it take so long to discover this?

7. In The Voice, how long is Darin’s prison sentence and what he was ultimately convicted of?

8. How did Kramer avoid suffering the same fate in that episode?

9. In The Butter Shave, who was the no-armed man that hated George when they both worked for the Yankees?

10. Why didn’t Play Now just have George banned and escorted from their building if they wanted to get rid of him so bad?

11. How much money did Jerry make off of Elaine’s backsliding with David Puddy?

12. In The Voice, what movie did Elaine sneak out of to have sex with Puddy?

13. In that same episode, why is Kramer ripping pages out of that magazine?

14. What did Merv Griffin think of The Merv Griffin Show episode?

15. Why doesn’t Kramer simply recycle all those unwanted catalogues he keeps getting in the mail?

16. What are Kramer, Newman and Jerry’s rare blood type they each possess?

17. In The Blood, what’s wrong with Elaine’s friend, Vivian?

18. In The Junk Mail, why was Newman arrested?

19. What was Kramer’s original plan to stop the barrage of catalogues he’s been receiving at the “choke point”?

20. Why doesn’t Kramer try to get rid of the garbage smell from his Merv Griffin Show set?

21. Is Kramer telling the truth when he says he “practically raised” animal expert Jim Fowler’s kids?

22. In The Merv Griffin Show, what did Celia’s dad die of?

23. In The Butter Shave, what book is Elaine reading on the airplane?

24. Who put that Merv Griffin Show set in that dumpster and why?

25. Why didn’t Joe Mayo notice that David Puddy was wearing the same man fur he has the first time he saw it?

26. Why hasn’t Frank Costanza celebrated Festivus in years?

27. Why does Kruger keep locking himself out of his own office?

28. What was wrong with George’s Clams Casino order?

29. When did George and Jerry first meet?

30. When and why did Elaine’s ex, Peter, change his name to Pinter?

31. How are Jerry, George and their mutual love interest, Nina, able to go to Sue Ellen Mischke’s wedding without invitations?

32. How is it possible that George had a full head of hair in that 1989 beach photo on Kruger’s desk when in The Seinfeld Chronicles pilot, which was released that same year, he’s balding?

33. In The Slicer, who was the woman George wanted to have a revenge date with but couldn’t because she refused to see him a second time?

34. In The Reverse Peephole, why is the front door of that flower shop wide open when it’s winter?

35. In The Dealership, how and where did George get those 10 unwrapped Twix candy bars when none were left in the vending machine?  If he was so hungry, why didn’t he just eat them all and forget about the test?

36. In that same episode, how are all those customers able to eat them in the Employees-Only copy room?

37. Why did Jerry beat up George in the fourth grade?

38. If he’s a true germophobe, why doesn’t Jerry freak out over that rubber band in his date’s soup?

39. In The Strike, who won the wrestling match between George and his father?

40. What was Kramer doing with Jerry’s pliars when he broke them?

41. How did he break Jerry’s Walkman and how long did he have it?

42. In The Finale, how much money did Peterman win playing pool?

43. In The Puerto Rican Day, what is that guy sketching?

44. In The Chronicle, what movie were George, Elaine, Kramer and Jerry going to see?

45. Regarding Kramer’s Pennypacker alias, what does the H.E. stand for, if anything?

46. What happened to Elaine and Mr. Lippman’s muffin top store?

47. In The Cartoon, how many days did Kramer’s actual vow of silence last?

48. Who optioned Kramer’s celebrity coffee table book into a movie and for how much?

49. In The Burning, why did Mickey swallow a dozen aspirin?

50. In that same episode, how was Kramer allowed to smoke a cigarette in that hospital room while pretending to have gonorrhea?

51. In The Strongbox, who got robbed in Jerry’s apartment building and what was taken?

52. Why did Kramer get discharged from the army and how long did he serve?

53. How come Kramer still has that Tony Award he didn’t earn?

54. In The Strike, what was the female doll Frank was trying to buy for George that ended up getting destroyed and what year did this happen?

55. In The Finale, what was Jerry going to say to Elaine before the private jet straightened out?

56. In The Wizard, what is Elaine’s boyfriend’s job?

57. In The Strongbox, why does Jerry need to put on a sweater to let George into his building from the inside?

58. In The Reverse Peephole, why does Jerry have to carry his girlfriend’s personal items?

59. In The Bookstore, what was George’s punishment for shoplifting and what book did he steal?

60. Why does Elaine torture herself by eating submarine sandwiches she detests and outdated cake that will make her ill?

61. In The Burning, how did Sophie get that leg scar?

62. In The Finale, what does the low talker say during her testimony?

63. What happened to the mugger who robbed the fat guy?

64. In The Slicer, how is George still in Kruger’s photo when the guy at the photo shop airbrushed him out of it?

65. How did George eventually break free of Maura and Loretta in The Strongbox?

66. In The Bookstore, what caught on fire in Jerry’s bedroom?

67. In that same episode, who was the guy on the street Kramer was yelling at from Jerry’s window and why?

68. What “priors” does Uncle Leo have?  How many books did he steal and what are the titles?  How long has he been shoplifting?

69. Why would Peterman give Zach tips on scoring heroin when he almost fired Elaine for having opium in her urine?

70. Why did George’s maid pinch him in the ass?

71. In The Maid, what happened to Phone Guy #1?

72. Why wasn’t Gammy’s grandson notified of her death?

73. Why do firemen break into Elaine’s apartment hoping to find Gammy when there is no fire?

74. What did George say about the wife of Watkins from Accounting at Kruger Industrial Smoothing?

75. In The Frogger, why didn’t George just take a picture of his high score?

76. What was wrong with the father of Elaine’s friend, Jill, in The Finale?

77. Why is Kramer’s right eye partially bloodshot in certain scenes of that episode?

78. How were the New York Four able to acquire the services of Jackie Chiles’ when he had a restraining order out on Kramer?

79. What’s the deal with cancer?

(Special thanks to Rob Kerr.)

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, April 19, 2013
2:35 a.m.

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