The Sleeping Majority

(For Samir and his fellow prisoners.)

You don’t know me
And I don’t know you at all
You take your footsteps for granted
While I’m too weak to crawl
You have your daily pleasures
I have my daily fears
Your freedom is forever
I’ve been locked away for years

You don’t know me
So why should you care?
I’m just a victim of injustice
Grounded by despair
A target of convenience
A symbol of their hate
How I need your voice
Before it’s too late

You don’t know me
So why take the time
To learn their real agenda?
I’ve committed no crime
You claim to be compassionate
You claim to have a heart
Yet you ignore all my suffering
And soon I will depart

You don’t know me
But I’d like to know you
If we ever switched places
Would you get what I’m going through?
A life of uncertainty
A reputation in tatters
Dying with dignity
Is now the only thing that matters

You don’t know me
And you probably never will
If you witnessed my experience
Would you suddenly feel ill?
For me, there’s no tomorrow
I won’t be coming out
Awaken the sleeping majority
With an infuriating shout

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, April 26, 2013
10:18 p.m.

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