I’m Your Conscience

I can’t penetrate your wall of denial
Your fragile beliefs are well protected
As reality surrounds you at every turn
You have no fear of being infected

Engaging with me does you no good
So you’ve cut off all communication
I represent what you can’t handle
The antidote to your oversimplification

You claim to be wise and in tune with the world
You even studied the Koran for half a year
But America’s crimes are not your concern
You’ve made that unmistakably clear

Force feeding the innocent, silencing the brave
These violations never raise your ire
If you think your President is heroic and noble
You’re either naive or a pathetic liar

How do you live in an ignorant state of bliss?
How do you rationalize your blatant inconsistencies?
How do you turn your back on human suffering?
Your hero has many deficiencies

The pace of change is always glacial
When you solidify your foolish misconceptions
One day you will remove your blinders
And be aghast at all his deceptions

But achieving that breakthrough is supremely hard
Your resistance to reason is a burden
You’re not at all outraged by the deaths of thousands
That much is painfully certain

Projecting your insecurities is a sign of desperation
Are you really as indifferent as you appear to be?
The most difficult leason I’ve had to learn
There are limits to your empathy

You scream bloody murder when it happens in the Congo
You keep demanding the arrest of Joseph Kony
But American violators don’t meet your same standard
You’re a preachy, self-righteous phony

You’re an unlikely shill for a decaying empire
Their unwitting spokesperson for hate
If you ever lived up to your values
Fearful Muslims would celebrate

But instead they suffer all on their own
As you endlessly espouse discredited orthodoxy
I’m your conscience, Ms. Bush
But I really shouldn’t have to be

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, May 3, 2013
6:00 p.m.

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