Obama’s Latin American Insult A Clear Sign Of Growing Desperation

Ever since Edward Snowden began blowing the whistle on The Obama Administration’s scarily invasive and deeply secretive surveillance programs last month, the 44th President of the United States has been shitting bricks.  And who could blame him?  For the first time ever, he’s actually had to publicly defend what he previously condemned as a Senator:  a constitutionally suspect snooping system that vacuums up and permanently stores various types of private data on practically everyone in the world every single day for the entirety of his Presidency thereby violating the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.  And that’s only one of his major scandals right now.

Despite denouncing the disclosures and vowing to prosecute the 30-year-old NSA analyst for exposing him for the fraud that he is, Obama’s credibility has obliterated before his very eyes.  And it’s driving him mental.

When Snowden revealed his identity shortly after the first set of damning articles were published in the Guardian, the United Stasi of America, to use Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg’s brilliantly apt phrase, demanded his extradition from China.  But the Hong Kong authorities refused, allowing Snowden to travel freely to Moscow, Russia.

When the Obama Administration laughably threatened the Russians to give him up or else, President Vladimir Putin also said no.  Although the former KGB agent has publicly acknowledged his lack of enthusiasm for Snowden’s presence in his country, he nonetheless refuses to kowtow to the Americans.  Snowden, whose passport has since been revoked in a pathetic act of petty retribution from his remarkably hostile home nation, hasn’t been seen since being left stranded at a Moscow airport.

An important point needs to be stressed here.  For the first time since the failed prosecution of Thomas Drake, another NSA whistleblower, President Obama’s bullying tactics are beginning to fail him.  No matter how many empty threats the Murderer-In-Chief and his corrupt cronies fling in desperation to those world leaders who would dare challenge his worldwide authority, their lack of cooperation has left him sweating and stewing.  Who knew the big, tough, lawless American Empire was being led by a feckless, cowardly paper tiger?

And now, on top of all of this, Obama has greatly alienated Latin America.  During an energy conference in Moscow, Bolivian President Evo Morales told the media there that he would consider accepting Snowden’s request for political asylum should he officially apply for it.  He even joked that he was flying the former Hawaii native back with him to his country.

That was all the terrified Americans needed to hear.  As Morales’ plane was requesting to land in Europe for a refueling pit stop before heading home for South America, no less than four countries denied him clearance to land.  Ultimately, he ended up in Austria where the authorities there demanded to search the plane for Snowden.  An infuriated President Morales wouldn’t allow it to happen.  (They would’ve been disappointed anyway.  The NSA whistleblower wasn’t onboard.)

After spending the night in Vienna, a monumentally pissed off Morales would eventually return home but not before lambasting the Obama Administration to anyone who would listen.  A number of his fellow Latin American leaders joined in with their own strong criticisms.

Why were they upset with the American President exactly?  Because those four European nations (France, who had actually pre-cleared Bolivia’s arrival there the week before the summit, Italy, Spain and Portugal), who all refused to let Morales’ plane land in their airspaces, were told that Snowden was one of the passengers.  In other words, someone in the Obama Administration privately urged all of them to keep the official Bolivian President’s plane, which was in dire need of fuel, in the air.  (A bully to the end, that heartless Obama.)  An incredibly stupid move that may have violated international law.  (By the way, France is the only country to officially apologize for the blunder.  The Bolivian leader was less than satisfied.)

President Morales has gone on to file a complaint with the United Nations and has continued to scream bloody murder ever since.  He’s even threatening to get rid of the American Embassy in Bolivia.  Furthermore, an emergency meeting was quickly assembled by a good number of Latin American leaders who took turns publicly denouncing Obama’s dangerous diplomatic insult.

And now, an even bigger headache for the “hope and change” President.  Two of these countries – Venezuela and Nicaragua – are offering political asylum to Snowden.  It’s only a matter of time before he’s flown directly to either of these new found sanctuaries and protected for as long as he needs to be.  Oops.

What a colossal fuck-up on the part of the Obama Administration.  Caught completely flat-footed by this latest conscientious whistleblower who wisely wanted no part of what Bradley Manning and John Kiriakou have experienced for courageously exposing wrongdoing, Obama has made things even worse for himself by alienating countries who have long memories of American malfeasance in South America.

And there’s not a goddamn thing he can do about it.

The political downward spiral of Sophia Bush’s unicorn continues unabated.

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Saturday, July 6, 2013
1:53 a.m.

UPDATE:  Make that three countries that have offered asylum to Snowden.

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Saturday, July 6, 2013
12:19 p.m.

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