Questions For Sophia Bush

1. Considering your absolute lack of interest in holding your hero President Obama accountable for his numerous human rights violations, wouldn’t it make more sense for you to host the Do Nothing Awards?

2. Will you ever apologize for falsely claiming that disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, who you still follow on Twitter, was the subject of an unwarranted “witch hunt”?

3. If you care so much about the environment, why aren’t you raising hell over Obama’s plans to drill in the melting Arctic?

4. Why do you lecture people about name calling on Twitter when you do it yourselfIf you can’t live up to your own standard, why maintain that standard in the first place?

5. When Obama orders drone strikes that kill innocent children, teenagers, men, women and expectant mothers in Middle Eastern countries, how can you stay silent?  Where is your outrage?

6. Is it fair to say that the only human rights violations you don’t care about are the ones President Obama is responsible for?

7. Although you have linked to two articles that praise American whistleblowers on Twitter, why no personal comments of support for Bradley Manning, John Kiriakou, Barrett Brown and Edward Snowden?

8. Do you regret totally accepting the federal government’s initial story regarding the 2011 assassination of Osama Bin Laden without any skepticism when major elements turned out to be false or, at the very least, disputed?

9. Specifically referencing Joseph Kony’s alleged war crimes, you once tweeted: “If we allow this to happen, we are complicit, and thus guilty. We cannot turn a blind eye to this horror.”  So, because you’ve turned a blind eye to President Obama’s proven war crimes, does that mean you’re also responsible for the drone murders of thousands of civilians; the torture and humiliation of unlawfully imprisoned, never convicted Gitmo detainees (half of whom have been cleared for release); the indefinite detention of violated Muslims in Bagram; the ruthless prosecutions of honourable whistleblowers, gamblers, journalists, drug users, immigrants, protestors and cancer patients; the increasing militarization of American law enforcementthe racial profiling of Muslims both here and abroad; the immunization of Wall Street as well as telecoms & Internet companies who helped the NSA violate the Fourth Amendment rights and invade the privacy of ordinary citizens worldwide?

10. You sit on the Advisory Board of  Has the website ever reported any important news that didn’t originally come from a more established media source like The Associated Press?  Would a potential whistleblower willing to expose malfeasance in the Obama Administration be comfortable with the idea of leaking to your site and would a reporter be willing to cover the story and protect them from inevitable persecution and retaliation?

11. Do you avoid publicly criticizing President Obama because you enjoy visiting him & getting your picture taken with him at The White House?  Do you stay quiet because you don’t want to lose that personal access?

12. Don’t you think it hurts your credibility as a human rights activist to not say a word about Obama’s numerous violations of the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions?

13. Martin Luther King once wrote, “The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists will we be.  Will we be extremists for hate or for love?”  As a longtime supporter of President Obama, doesn’t that put you in the first category?

14. Speaking of MLK, you retweeted this quote of his:  “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  Have you been silent about Obama’s war crimes and constitutional violations because you feel they don’t matter?

15. When you don’t voice your disapproval for Obama’s human rights violations publicly, does that mean you support them secretly?

16. How is that John Cusack is “poignant and brilliant” when he criticizes Obama but when I do it, I “sound like a petulant child” who needs to “grow up”Can you explain the difference to me because I don’t understand.

17. Speaking of Mr. Cusack, if you admire him so much, why don’t you follow him on Twitter, retweet anything he posts or single him out for praise?

18. You acknowledged the suspicious death of Rolling Stone/BuzzFeed reporter Michael Hastings on Twitter.  Considering how adversarial he was with regards to Obama’s foreign policy, why aren’t you as critical of The President?

19. In this tweet, you write:  “some of my favourite friends and people on Earth are Muslim.”  And in this one:  “I don’t put up w/ bullies.”  Then, why do you support a President who not only orders the profiling, torturing and killing of innocent Muslims but also threatens countries that refuse to do his bidding?  Furthermore, do your friends appreciate your lack of public condemnation for the general mistreatment of Muslims by this administration?

20. You once told Fox News, “I will not vote for a candidate who thinks that he has more rights to my uterus than I do…” And yet, when President Obama tried to enforce age restrictions on Plan B (which he eventually abandoned), you stayed silent.  Why?

21. Back in March, you tweeted to me, “…I have seen marginalized people gain rights they didn’t have before since he’s [meaning Obama] been elected.”  Which “marginalized people” are you referring to and what new rights have they gained under this administration?

22. You also tweeted to me, “…I have many more discussions with news outlets and friends around my dinner table alike than you will ever know.”  Do any of these discussions involve Obama’s numerous human rights and constitutional violations and whether or not you support or condemn said actions?

23.  In another tweet you wrote to me:  “To criticize another person’s human rights work as, to paraphrase, ‘not the right kind,’ or ‘not enough’ or ‘convenient,’ is deeply insulting and offensive.”  Where in my writing did I actually do this?

24. In this tweet, you said, “I speak about things I am passionate about.  Things that have affected me personally.”  Why do you need to have a personal experience with either an issue or an injustice in order to speak out about it?

25. You recently retweeted: “You can only watch injustice go on for so long until you’re compelled to say something.  To speak out against it.”  How long will you be watching the injustices caused by President Obama’s policies before speaking out against them?

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Monday, July 29, 2013
12:17 a.m.

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