Your Courage Is In Short Supply

It’s so much easier to live among the blind
There are no threats to your peace of mind
Collectively swallowing the lies being fed
Never refuting a single one they said
But new revelations are thinning the herd
Maintaining your position is patently absurd
Are you really afraid to look me in the eye?
Let’s face it, your courage is in short supply

There’s too much comfort in denying what you hear
It protects you from the unpleasantness and harrowing fear
You choose not to listen to their dying screams
Doing so would interrupt your hallucinatory dreams
Truth has a way of uprooting the corrupt
As it irritates the guilty with its power to disrupt
As this historical moment passes you by
Let’s face it, your courage is in short supply

You scorn the outspoken while remaining mute
About the crimes being committed in this ongoing dispute
It takes no effort on your part to side with the liars
When you overlook their role in igniting these fires
Silence is your friend in the midst of this decline
Today’s another day and you feel just fine
Speaking out on those who excessively spy?
Let’s face it, your courage is in short supply

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, January 3, 2014
12:20 a.m.

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