26 Things I Hated About The 2014 Winter Olympics

1. The nine-hour time difference between here and Sochi, Russia.  As a result, the only live events I was able to watch on TV were broadcast after midnight (9 a.m. Russian time) and in the early afternoon before 3 p.m. (midnight Russian time).  Watching important moments replayed long after they happened isn’t nearly as exciting.

2. The creepy revelation that Russia had secret surveillance installed in hotel bathrooms.  Chuck Berry would be proud.

3. No Brian Williams.  The former CBC broadcaster’s absence was clearly felt throughout the past two weeks.  Remind me again why he was let go in the first place.

4. The horrible mistreatment of punk rock protest group Pussy Riot by the Russian authorities.  Why is the government so afraid of dissent?

5. No medals for Canada’s female long track speed skaters.  How badly we miss Cindy Klassen, Kristina Grove and Clara Hughes.

6. No medals for Canada’s skeleton competitors, either.  Poor Mellisa Hollingsworth crapped out again and 2010 Gold medallist Jon Montgomery didn’t even qualify.

7. More doping scandals.  Will the Olympics ever be drug-free?

8. NBC’s continuing disinterest in offering live coverage.  Thank goodness for CBC, TSN and Sportsnet.

9. Canada 3’s dreadfully scary crash near the end of their second run in the four-man bobsled competition.  Imagine being in a flipped over sled sliding on your head at breakneck speed for about 20 straight seconds.  Not fun.  Good thing all four guys wore helmets and are reportedly ok.

10. The endless controversy over figure skating judging.  Will it ever be considered completely legitimate and free of shady political agendas?

11. All those commercial breaks during the Closing Ceremonies.  Why can’t this be aired commercial-free?

12. That dopey linesman who nearly cost the Canadian women the gold medal in the hockey final.  The team is very lucky that that American shot hit the post while the net was empty.  If it went in, we would’ve never heard the end of it.

13. The phony controversy over Lebanese skier Jacky Chamoun’s sexy pics.  Why do we hate female sexuality so much?  Dumb.

14. Canada didn’t win any Gold medals in figure skating.

15. Russian long track speed skater Olga Graf quickly zipping her skin tight outfit back up after realizing that she wasn’t wearing anything up top underneath.  Damnit.

16. Charles Hamelin’s numerous falls during various short track speed skating qualifiers.  So unfortunate.

17. The criticism regarding Canada’s male hockey team not scoring enough goals.  As long as they were winning, who gives a shit?

18. The moment from the Opening Ceremonies where the malfunctioning fifth ring didn’t work correctly wasn’t shown on Russian TV.  They showed the rehearsal footage where it did work instead.  So silly.

19. 2010 Canadian Olympic Snowboard Cross Champion Maelle Ricker didn’t successfully defend her title.  In fact, she didn’t even make it to the podium at all this time.  She finished a disappointing 21st.

20. All those nasty wipeouts in the freestyle and downhill skiing events.  The more we learn about concussions, the more I fear for the mental health of these fallen athletes.  Nasty.

21. There’s still no two-women luge nor four-women bobsled events.  Why?

22. The IOC refused to allow athletes to pay tribute to the late skier Sarah Burke by acknowledging her on their helmets.  Cold-hearted bastards.

23. CBC commentators Glenn Healy, Craig Simpson and Jim Hughson talking about anything but the Finland/US Bronze medal game on a couple of occasions during play.  Stop being influenced by Monday Night Raw’s announce team.  It’s annoying.

24. The unfortunate crashes that eliminated a number of Canadian freestyle skiers in the quarterfinal and semifinal heats.  Heartbreaking and infuriating.

25. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford jumping up and down like an idiot in City Hall after one of Canada’s hockey teams scored.  Hasn’t he reached his bottom yet?

26. The next Winter Olympics will be held in South Korea in 2018.  Can we please pick a country not surrounded by hostility and in a better time zone?  Dictators and vast time differences suck.

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Monday, February 24, 2014
3:05 a.m.

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