I Am A Lie

(Please note:  this is NOT autobiographical.)

I hide amongst the liars
It scares me how well I blend
Real feelings are buried
Just to make a friend

I seal all the cracks
By applying more paint
This tactic is so toxic
I swear I’m gonna faint

Yet I can feel their judging eyes
Right through my clothes
They’re masters at concealing
Their double standard with a pose

Behind the sparkly smiles
And the super friendly tones
Lie so many heartless predators
Who’ll rip the skin right off my bones

But I am no better
With my phony disposition
I have no way of coping
With the coming inquisition

When they discover I am human
With deep desires and such
I can forget about the invites
They won’t love me as much

This mirage I’ve created
To shield my true self
Is corrupting my mind
And destroying my health

Because I am a lie
Who forgot how to heal
I slice myself daily
In order to feel

As I stare at the depression
Poring out of my wrist
I feel this dam burst
It’s getting harder to resist

The scars and the scabs
Must never be shown
If even one is spotted
My cover will be blown

It’s so exhausting this charade
This routine needs to stop
I can’t stop pretending
To be a beautiful prop

How I long for a time
When this culture will change
When I can abandon this dark convention
And stop feeling so strange

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Monday, March 10, 2014
11:27 p.m.

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