Humourless Gesture

I raised my voice at an opportune time
By countering irony with some of my own
I whipped up a frenzy with a single thought
Yet never questioned my foolish compulsion

I angered the masses with a humourless gesture
Dismissed their outrage as proof of justification
Never once considering the strong possibility
That his satirical view isn’t prejudiced at all

I hijacked a movement that others began
Swallowing their protest with one of my own
Lost in the slander of an offensive name
Was my willful ignorance of a single joke

I never watched the sketch in question
I only cared about raising a fuss
And what did I get for my outspokenness?
Eternal grief and little progression

I wasn’t interested in a conversation
I refuse to answer legitimate questions
My haphazard stunt matters more than reason
So why don’t I get any respect?

I forgot an important principle
Only fight humour with some of your own
But I put no thought into my bogus campaign
Now even allies are deeply annoyed

There’s a noble purpose in being a pest
It can rightly threaten the status quo
Organized persuasion is a noble tactic
But only when you know all of the facts

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, April 2, 2014
4:19 p.m.

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