Spilling The Blood Of Innocence

(For the people of Palestine who have suffered long enough.)

The back of his head is missing
His tiny body has turned cold
His wailing father can’t let go
He was two years old

He was targeted for reasons
No human being can understand
They don’t believe his people
Are entitled to their own land

They drop bombs by the thousands
Hoping desperately to succeed
In demoralizing the occupied
And laughing as they bleed

The child is only one
Of many more who have perished
In the eyes of their killers
Their deaths are always cherished

They kill their moms & their dads
Their whole families & their friends
Even journalists & doctors
All to suit their own ends

They kill the old & the pregnant
The crippled & the defiant
There’s no safe place here
And there are those who are too silent

They cut the power to the city
And poison what you drink
They gas you when you’re sleeping
To paralyze how you think

After they torched that young boy
They came back hungry for more
Arresting the survivors
They are rotten to the core

The media in the West
Are on a self-imposed gag
No discussion of the son
Decomposing in a bag

There is uncomfortable grief
There is palpable rage
But the resistance is growing
On the global stage

Apartheid is dying
It’s only propped up by fear
What will ultimately replace it
Is not quite clear

2 states can’t happen
It’s one or nothing at all
Zionism is a failure
It’s headed for a freefall

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Saturday, July 19, 2014
5:31 p.m.

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  1. […] about the unfolding genocide instead:  There Is No Tomorrow, Only Yesterday; Darkness Inside and Spilling The Blood Of Innocence.  Some of the explicit imagery graphically depicted in Innocence did not come from my […]

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