Overlooked Quotes From Jian Ghomeshi’s 1982 (Part Two)

19. “After one of our performances [Ghomeshi played Tom Snout in a high school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream wearing make-up & “a shirt that looked like a dress”. (p.194)], Mike Farnell’s friend saw me in the communal changing area & bluntly asked me if I was gay.  I wasn’t sure if it would be a good thing or not to tell this guy I was gay.  Maybe he was gay.  Maybe he would like it if I were gay, too.  I said no.  But I wasn’t entirely sure.  And nor would I have thought it a bad thing to be gay.  Maybe the make-up and the mauve dress I had to wear as Tom Snout were a message sent from above.  I certainly liked Bowie.  He was a man who sometimes dressed like a woman.  And I was smitten with Wendy partly because she was like Bowie.  I was obsessing over a girl who reminded me of a man who dressed like a girl.  These were confusing times.”
(Chapter 9, p.195)

20. “On the subway ride home [from the 1982 Police Picnic CNE concert], Wendy and I didn’t say much to each other…After Eglinton station, the crowded subway car emptied enough for us to share seats next to each other facing the direction of home.  Wendy and I were both looking straight ahead. I was tired…I suddenly became very intimidated by the thought of doing anything that Wendy might consider uncool.”
(Chapter 9, pgs.203-4)

21. “I’d certainly deduced that girls fancied rock singers.”
(Chapter 10, p.207)

22. “The morning announcements were a thankless endeavour but a big step into prominence by my standards…Somehow, I took the place of our vice-principal…The vice-principal…had been holding down the morning announcements duty for the first few months of my Grade 9 year.  He had a temper that could spring up like burnt toast…Some students later claimed they overheard the vice-principal…curtly say ‘Oh, fuck it.’ over the PA system [Ghomeshi claims the VP was having trouble properly cuing up to the beginning of a cassette version of O Canada one fateful morning.  It “proved to be his breaking point” which is why Ghomeshi took over for him “every morning” in “early 1982″.]…It wouldn’t be something a vice-principal was supposed to say to an audience of students.”
(Chapter 10, pgs.208-9)

23. “Once [while doing the morning announcements], I used a Bowie quote from the song ‘What In The World’ on the album Low about being out of control and in the mood for love…’What in the world can you do, I’m in the mood for your love’ would later become my graduating quote in the Thornlea yearbook in 1986.”
(Chapter 10, p. 210)

24. “No popularity came from being the kid who informed everyone that schoolwork had to begin.  And it’s not as if girls would like a guy because he did the morning announcements.  Not even the nerdy girls…But I was good at it.  And one time, when Paula Silverman found out I was the voice, she told me I sounded ‘sexy.’  And she wore short shorts.  And her compliment made me feel good, because I figured I was like a broadcaster — a ‘sexy’ broadcaster.  And being a broadcaster seemed cool.”
(Chapter 10, p. 211)

25. “…I was confused in Grade 9…there were times when I couldn’t quiet the voices in my head.  The voices would remind me I was a fake.  An imposter…the voices in my head were a reminder of my ongoing life as an imposter.  The voices would also point out that I wasn’t who I was made out to be in song…It wasn’t about how I sang.  My singing didn’t really suck.  The point was, the quality of my singing was not the point if I wasn’t sure who I was.  I was confused.”
(Chapter 10, pgs.211-2)

26. “If only I could sing the lyrics [to Ebony & Ivory during a concert] like I meant them.  If only I could really believe I wasn’t a fraud.”
(Chapter 10, p. 214)

27. “It was positive being in the presence of Bob [Ghomeshi’s high school music teacher who insisted students call him by his first name.].  He seemed to exist in a perennially jovial state.  I only once saw Bob get angry and lose his temper…I could see that Bob was getting angry at the [off-beat] tapping [by a “rhythmically challenged” singer].  Midway through [Toto’s] ‘Africa’, Bob suddenly stopped playing and slammed the piano cover down over the keys.

‘If you’re going to tap along, make sure you do it in time!’

Bob was steaming mad…I’d never seen him like that.  And it didn’t make sense that a normal person would become so bothered by a rhythmic transgression.  That’s when I knew he was a real drummer.  He was badass about rhythm.  That’s when I knew Bob was one of us.”
(Chapter 10, p.217)

28. “Singers aren’t always filled with glee.  They can be quite morose.”
(Chapter 10, p.218)

29. “Kim [Richardson, daughter of singer Jackie Richardson; Ghomeshi “would later become very close friends” with her “and know her mom as Auntie Jackie.” (p.221)] was tall & had really, really big breasts.  When she wore her tight Van Halen T-shirts, her breasts were emphasized, and it was hard not to look at them, even though it was not right to be looking at them.”
(Chapter 10, p.222)

30. “Kim was one of the best singers around…She was a dear friend and had distractingly large breasts.”
(Chapter 10, p.227)

31. “Maybe this [concert where he sang Ebony & Ivory with Kim as a duet] was another colourful example of the paradox that was me in 1982 and beyond.  I was a terribly sensitive and insecure soul who wanted to be accepted.  I wanted to fade into the woodwork.  And yet I never shied away from putting myself out there in some form of potentially masochistic public adventure.  It’s like I needed to keep proving to myself as much as to others that I wouldn’t succumb to judgment.  So, as much as I feared being disliked, I created the conditions where I might polarize reaction…I would soldier on and pursue my passions–sometimes recklessly toying with the implications.  Maybe not all that much has changed as I’ve gotten older.  For most of my life, people have assumed I’m a confident guy with a Teflon exterior.  That you could say anything about me–or to me–and it will just wash away because of the strength of my ego or character.  That’s pretty much the opposite of the truth.  But criticism has never fully prevented me from pursuing my goals or what I believed in.  I somehow wouldn’t let it.”
(Chapter 10, pgs.228-9)

32. “Kim and I stood at the front, singing along and doing a tw0-step dance the way Sonny and Cher would have done, if Cher had been a tall black woman with giant breasts and Sonny had been a skinny Middle Eastern kid.”
(Chapter 10, p.230)

33. “…a confused ethnic kid with New Wave clothing and brownish skin earned applause for playing the role of Ivory at my biggest concert to date.  I started to think of it as a character that I was playing.  That’s right.  Maybe I was increasingly just a character.  That’s what Bowie had done for most of his career.  Maybe it was okay.”
(Chapter 10, p.231)

34. “There were some messed-up sides of me that I decided Wendy simply didn’t need to see.”
(Chapter 10, p.231)

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Saturday, December 6, 2014
2:44 p.m.

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