Fragile Things

I remember a time when all was well
And everyone who knew me thought I was swell
My words were golden and my reasoning was sound
My God, my writing was oh so profound

But then came the outsiders and they were just mean
Exposing all my flaws, it was all so obscene
How dare they disprove my heartfelt theories
By bombing them to shreds with cynical queries

Don’t they ever realize that I always know best
And you’re not supposed to put my work to the test
I am an awesome elitist so please leave me alone
Hey, isn’t that a drunk guy operating a drone?

I can run so fast to my shaky ivory tower
Convenient distractions help keep me in power
I was once so untouchable in the eyes of my friends
Now it’s the unwashed masses who set all the trends

How sickening to discover I’m not being respected
My critics are so gross, I want them disinfected
How quick they are to judge a superior thinker
How rude to claim my masterpiece is a colossal stinker

I’m appalled and dismayed and completely falling apart
In their general direction I blow a nasty fart
Their bitter truths wound me so much that it stings
Why can’t they be more sensitive to us fragile things?

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, January 30, 2015
8:43 p.m.

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  1. […] remained a prevalent theme in my poetry this year.  Fragile Things was inspired by a prominent, thin-skinned American pundit who was stunned to find that few agree […]

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