Despicable Lie

Phony platitudes from an empty soul
Public practice for your greatest role
Meaningless gestures from a pretentious fool
Swimming the shallow end of the gene pool

Pointed jabs make you lose your mind
Even when they’re just the written kind
Stop denying the truth, you despicable lie
As you feel all the warmth inside you die

There isn’t a whopper you won’t believe
Being less than perfect? You just can’t conceive!
Beneath the glamour is an ignorant twit
Regarding your nonsense, no one gives a shit

A vacuous vessel for duplicitous men
Regurgitating garbage again and again
You always fall for the same old charm
And blithely ignore the sound of the alarm

The result is embarrassment you sweep out of sight
So it doesn’t dare put you in a negative light
But not everyone wants to play your silly game
Your avoidance of reality is laughably lame

I used to be mad but now I’m greatly amused
My conscience is clear while you’re completely confused
May your skin grow thicker as times get tough
Because what’s coming next will be punishment enough

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, February 10, 2015
2:20 a.m.

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  1. […] of Apartheid Israel (even though he doesn’t believe that term is justified), while the harsh Despicable Lie and the more resigned You’re Not Listening mark the likely end of a long standing public […]

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