Prison Of Fear

It might not happen but it’s worth a try
A stab in the dark for a pie in the sky
This eagerness is trapped in a prison of fear
Enveloped by indifference that won’t disappear

It might not occur but it’s worth a shot
The trick is to know when to pick your spot
But this hesitation’s fueled by colossal doubt
Denying a fix that you can’t live without

It might not take place but it’s worth the risk
If you ever get rolling business would be brisk
Deafened by the critics that live in your brain
Their poisonous rhetoric as relentless as the rain

It might not be possible but how would you know?
These delays are predictable and progress is slow
You’re shamed by deceptions you’ve imagined all along
Let them all die and start singing your song

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Monday, May 18, 2015
3:57 a.m.

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