America’s Self-Interest Always Comes First

Embracing the hatred to make a quick buck
Ignoring the warnings so now they are stuck
Fooling themselves into thinking they’re right
Hounding their critics just out of spite
Compounding their problems by doubling down
Dropping their bombs in town after town
Incredibly surprised when it all goes wrong
Continually angering the growing throng
Their deals with these devils are really the worst
But America’s self-interest always comes first

Abuses and violations are hardly worth praise
But their super loyal puppets must get their raise
As the temperature rises to an uncomfortable boil
All that really matters is the price of oil
Suffering and death are secondary concerns
They don’t give a fuck if the whole world burns
It’s all about profits “earned” through war
They’re like hopeless addicts so eager to score
As their victims despair, slowly dying of thirst
America’s self-interest always comes first

Defending the wicked for the sake of control
Forsaking the fallen while maintaining their goal
Of total domination and awareness of thought
Liars and crooks are so easily bought
Torturers are protected with excessive redactions
Ignorant Republicans are welcome distractions
Truth tellers are harassed and imprisoned for years
Especially journalists who discredit their fears
The time has come for their bubble to burst
America’s self-interest should never come first

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, June 21, 2015
7:01 p.m.

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