I Always Have To Smile

Unwelcome encounters with assorted devils
Still feeling threatened on all sorts of levels
Everyone’s a suspect until proven innocent
Especially the ones who claim I’m magnificent

Everyday is filled with unwanted advances
Outright refusal? I won’t take my chances
So I walk a fine line & hope it all stops
It always feels worse when it comes from the cops

If I condemn their comments that are truly perverse
I’m a “stuck-up bitch”, a “cunt” or worse
I can’t run away or they will chase me down
I always have to smile, I can never frown

I can’t say no or I might get hurt
I won’t say yes as they tug at my shirt
I try not to show the disgust on my face
As I search in vain for a safer space

I reluctantly tolerate these “hilarious” jokes
And continue to feel uncomfortable around these folks
They won’t let up no matter what I do
So I control my reactions just to get through

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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  1. […] I Always Have To Smile and A Labyrinth Of Pain were attempts to write about street harassment and low self-esteem from a woman’s point of view, respectively.  Speaking of low self-esteem, Nobody’s Type is how I feel about myself because of my numerous physical problems, unemployment status and current living situation that I believe are all unattractive to the opposite sex in comparison to more sculpted musclemen who don’t live at home and are living their dream lives.  Prison Of Fear focuses more on personal doubts about pursuing progress. […]

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