The Arrogance Of Certainty

I have seen the future
My vision is crystal clear
You can trust my judgment
I swear on my whole career

When I make a pronouncement
You can take it to the bank
When I get it horribly wrong
You’ll have me to thank

But I don’t acknowledge errors
I just pretend they don’t exist
I keep on making predictions
I’ve lost count of what I’ve missed

What a glorious scam
Collecting all these bucks
Proclaiming stupid things
While running out of fucks

I don’t ever pay a price
My inanity is in demand
It’s easier to fake wisdom
I just made a hundred grand

It doesn’t really matter
That I don’t have a clue
Accountability is absent
In other words, fuck you

Despite always being wrong
My position is secure
Who cares about integrity
When my delusion is so pure

You can point out the con
I’m playing in the end
It won’t stop producers
From booking me on CNN

Buffoonery is their brand
It’s a comfortable fit
Wanna get your fill?
They broadcast hours of it

So I’ll continue to blather
As democracy turns to rust
My poor guesses prove
I’m so worthy of your trust

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, May 8, 2016
5:56 p.m.

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