American Gulag

It flies through the air
A living symbol of toxicity
A vulgar moment of rebellion
Hell has no elasticity
The names are all disappeared
Replaced with cold mathematics
Under the ever watchful eye
Of patrolling automatics

It hangs in the air
Like a floating death
You can feel the torment
In every hesitant breath
A bruise is a reminder
That the skin still feels
A sudden convulsion
At the sound of their heels

They never stop coming
There’s no humanity in this machine
No room for principles, either
So you mustn’t make a scene
Always armed for war
Hidden by an impenetrable shield
When you live in the darkness
The more violence you can wield

The first strike’s an announcement
“You will not resist”
They brutalize every part of you
The worst is the wrist
They constantly test you
To see how far you’ll bend
They demand complete submission
Then they’ll be your friend

You can’t demand your freedom
Without feeling their wrath
The stench of all these traumas
Along the beaten path
You distrust your vision
They dispute what you saw
Everything is lost
When cruelty is the law

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
12:03 a.m.

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